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Little is more infuriating than when your loved ones are residents of nursing homes and suffer abuse and/or neglect by staff. Unfortunately, elder abuse is becoming ever more common today. Here is what you should know.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Typically, there are four general types of nursing home abuse that dominate the subject.

  1. Physical abuse happens “when physical force causes harm against a victim.” This type includes hitting, scratching, and inappropriate use of restraints to name a few examples.
  2. Emotional abuse includes caregivers who use ridicule, humiliation, of intimidation to control elder behavior.
  3. Sexual abuse happens when “non-consensual sexual contact is made with an elder.” This type often occurs by trickery, coercion, or physical force of caregivers.
  4. Financial abuse includes stealing money and/or personal property from nursing home residents.

Nursing Home Neglect Issues

Nursing home neglect is more common than many people are aware. The number of nursing home neglect claims is rising in recent years.

Neglect may pose serious risks to the well-being of nursing home residents. Typically, this negligence occurs from the nursing home residents’ not receiving “proper medical, physical, or emotional attention.” Unfortunately, nursing home neglect sometimes expands to include physical or emotional abuse.

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Reporting and Filing Nursing Home Abuse Actions

If you suspect your loved one is being abused by nursing home caregivers, it is your duty to report this condition to the appropriate state hotline. Next contact a lawyer with experience in nursing home neglect or abuse cases such as our firm immediately. Remain aware of how your loved one is feeling and how they’re being treated by nursing home personnel. Just ask your loved one about these topics.

As elder abuse attorneys we offer you more than their legal expertise. We professionals also will provide support for you and your loved one, while creating peace of mind for you both during this emotionally challenging period.