Free Parking Ticket Appeal for Meter Non-Payment

Ticketed for Not Paying Meter, Even though You Paid & Have Proof?

ATTENTION ALBANY AND CAPITAL REGION RESIDENTS. If you’ve been wrongly ticketed for not paying your meter in Albany or any surrounding area, we’ll appeal your ticket for you totally FREE.

We’ve all been there, you come back to your car after running around town and fighting to get the spot in the first place and there it is, a big fat parking ticket. If you didn’t pay the meter at all, or were in a no parking zone, check out our traffic law page, however if you DID pay, and still got a ticket, we want to appeal your case totally free. Sometimes the ticketing agents miss the ticket in your window, sometimes it falls off of your dash as you exit the vehicle. Either way, if you have proof you paid, you can appeal your ticket and will likely win with us behind you.  We believe that wrongly ticket people should never have to pay their tickets, and with our law firm behind you, if you actually paid your meter, its highly likely you won’t have to pay.

If you have been wrongly ticketed fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch about your case. Remember, this is totally free, but only for those who actually have proof they paid the meter.

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