How to Fight Red Light Tickets and Win

Fight Red Light Tickets…and Win

Red light tickets are video-enforced infractions that can occur at designated city intersections. Though the camera list is public, this does not prevent drivers from becoming enraged when they receive questionable tickets from a robot. While the city maintains that each ticket is independently reviewed by an officer before it is issued, hiring an experienced red light ticket defense attorney will ensure that procedures are followed and that your rights are protected. You may have a defense to a red light ticket if someone else was driving your vehicle, if you do not own the vehicle you were driving, or if a host of other conditions exist.

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The fee for a red light violation is generally less than other traffic offenses, but that does not mean you should just pay it and move on. If you feel that you were wrongfully issued a red light ticket, you have the right to fight it in court. Hiring an experienced attorney at our firm is the first step after receiving the ticket in the mail.