Commercial Real Estate Closings Albany

Commercial Real Estate Closings

Commercial real estate closings do not differ significantly from residential real estate closings, although the property is generally valued at a greater price. There are also often considerations that are not present in residential purchases, such as concerns regarding zoning and land use (whether a buyer can use the property for what they intend to use it for) and may include anything from retail space to offices, parking garages, or other professional buildings.

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Why Choose Smelyansky Law As Your Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

There are certain laws applicable to commercial real estate that require advanced knowledge on the matter before closing. At our firm, we have represented a variety of clients in commercial real estate transactions and know how to work with both domestic and foreign purchasers, LLCs, corporations, and various mortgage services to ensure a smooth process. Regardless of whether you are a first time commercial property purchaser or if you own several buildings, we will help you with your sales, purchases, and developments in the greater Albany area.