Seatbelt Tickets At Toll Booths: Paying More Than You Expected for Your Thruway Toll

Are you traveling for the summer? Or do you commute for work? Whether you are a NYS resident or an out-of-stater just passing through, the New York State Thruway may be the most efficient and direct route to reach your travel destinations. However, as we all know, traveling the Thruway comes with a price. But just how much should you expect to pay when you reach the tollbooth at your exit?

It has been the routine practice for troopers to hide behind tollbooths and surprise you just as you take off your seatbelt to simply grab some change to pay your toll.

A seatbelt ticket in New York State comes with a hefty $93 mandatory surcharge plus up to a $150 fine. Not to mention the possible Insurance rate increase that will cost you for years to come! This may be a little more than you originally expected to pay when you exited the Thruway.

You may try to explain “trooper I wore my seatbelt the entire trip.” But you will find this will not help. You fell into the trooper’s trap.

The most valuable thing you can do is not say anything and immediately contact Melita & Smelyansky, P.C.

We will play the trooper’s game and sneak up on them to protect your rights.


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