How Much Money To Bring to Real Estate Closings

You are finally making one of the biggest decisions that you will likely make in your life, the decision to purchase real estate. The purchase of real estate is costly and most people finance their purchase by loaning money from a lending institution. But just how much money will you be required to bring to the closing?

Many people don’t find out until it’s too late. Understanding how much money to bring to the closing can benefit you more than you’ll ever know. You will be required to bring more than just the purchase price. For example, you’ll need to pay closing costs and fees. These costs and fees will likely add up to a couple thousand dollars. You also need to pay initiall escrow payments for your homeowner’s insurance and property taxes. Sometimes these expenses can add up to thousands of dollars over the purchase price. More importantly, these expenses will likely come out of your pocket, not the loan amount.

Unfortunately, these additional costs often take people by surprise. Many attorneys do not communicate these costs to their clients until just prior to the closing. Don’t be taken by surprise at your closing! The attorneys at Melita & Smelyansky, P.C. work hard to guarantee  that our client’s have a full understanding of all anticipated closing fees and costs early on in the process. This communication will ensure that you are able to come up with the entire amount required and, thus, close on your anticipated closing date.  Learn more about commercial real estate closings here.


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