5 of the Most Successful Common Traffic Ticket Defenses

How to Fight Traffic Tickets

Fighting a traffic ticket may not be worth it at times as it takes a lot of effort and time, as well as money and opportunity when you leave from work because of your hearings. However, if a traffic ticket involves thousands of dollars, particularly because of your insurance premiums, then looking for the best and most successful traffic ticket defenses is a must. Here are just some of them:

  1. Request for a continuance – by writing to the district attorney in the court where you got your case scheduled – Do this prior to going to the trial. A continuance actually refers to an extended trial date. This means that the date will be pushed further into a later date.

    This is a wise move as it provides you enough time preparing for your defense while also increasing the chances of the officer involved not showing up for some reasons. In case he shows up, he is less likely to completely remember what happened on that day you’re ticketed because of the delay in trial.

  1. Request for a motion for discovery – This specifically means your desire to ask for the prosecution to present some more evidences. Keep in mind that you have the right to ask for it. Do this right away, and ensure that your request comes with important info like the reference to your ticket number, docket number, citation number, etc.

    Some of the items you may request in the motion for discovery are copies of the log books of the arresting officer at a specific hour or day, copies of the ticket, training records of the officer, and the device used in measuring your speed. You can use all these information to find flaws in the ticketing procedure.

  1. Have a written record of everything – These include your own copy of the ticket, the sent letter, phone calls, etc. You may have a hard time recalling everything. Even if you do, you can’t expect it to have a stand in court if it’s not in writing. Keeping records and documentations of everything can be a big help in dealing with future problems.
  1. Plead your case – Make sure, however, that you established a temporary rapport with the officer. Also, make it sincere. Allow the officer to know that the whole case is a huge deal for you. Instead of trying to fight or get angry, just plead your case sincerely. If you’re sincere, the officer might just let it go and just give you a warning instead of a ticket.
  1. Request for an alternative punishment – One of the major reasons why you may want to defend the ticket is your insurance. In most cases, court clerks are authorized to let offenders attend driving school and remove the ticket from their records. While this may involve some fees, it is still a good thing because it can prevent your insurance premiums from rising. Ask whether the court allows you to have an alternative punishment and take advantage of it.

If you have a traffic ticket in New York State, reach out today for a free case evaluation. We may be able to help you avoid points, fees, and insurance hikes.


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