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The bad news is that you’ve received a speeding ticket. The good news is you’re innocent until proven guilty. At Melita & Smelyansky PC we specialize in traffic court, and can help reduce or even dismiss your speeding ticket. Speeding tickets are generally burdensome to pay and deal with, especially if you contest you were speeding. A basic speeding ticket will generally add three points to a driver’s record—the number of points you receive escalates depending on how far over the speed limit you were allegedly going. Once you are caught going 20+ miles per hour over the speed limit, the points can be significant. Speeding more than 40 miles over the posted speed limit can add eleven points to your record (and can lead to associated criminal penalties such as reckless driving charges). Not all Albany speeding ticket defense lawyers are created equally…be sure you’re choosing a firm with the experience and local knowledge necessary for the positive outcome you’re looking for.

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With the right legal representation it’s possible to avoid the extremely costly consequences speeding ticket. Beyond the immediate costs having traffic tickets, and especially speeding tickets can stay on your driving record and make it harder for you to fight future tickets. At Melita & Smelyansky we the local judges, the local courts and even the local troupers handing out the tickets. We also know the right questions to ask and the right evidence to ask for, and help to ensure you have the best chance at avoiding pay fines or having points added to your driving record. Even if you are a repeat offender and have received many traffic tickets, at our firm, we know how to approach each of our client’s unique situations in order to secure the best possible result.

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