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If you’re looking for an adoption lawyer in Albany, NY Melita & Smelyansky can help! As important as bringing a child into the world, the decision for adoption is just as monumental a decision for any family willing to take the huge step. Adoption is one of the most beautiful and selfless gifts a person can give to a child. The potential Influence and love that a neglected child would otherwise not receive can’t be measured. The fact that adoption laws can’t be measured since they vary from state to state, it is important to have a trusted and competent attorney in your corner. Families should expect the legal process to take two years or longer, depending on the details of your case. Our Albany office of experienced Adoption lawyer understands how serious this can be and is here to aid expertly on your behalf to make sure this process is flawless. Contact us at Melita & Smelyansky, PC, and Schedule a free consultation today.

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Stepparent Adoption

One type of adoption is “Stepparent Adoption” that is a process that that requires the parents consent to the adoption. There usually is a certain amount of time to void the documents altogether, or custodial parent has the ability to bring the adoption case before the court. Once the adoption is signed by a parent, it can’t be revoked. If the parent decides not to sign the document, a court needs to approve the ending of the parents relationship with the child, which is something different to get done depending on the state law. For the most part, the court needs to do whats in the child’s best interest. One general rule is the courts don’t allow adoption of a brand new marriage. An adoption will terminate all ties that the parent has to a child handing over to the new adoptive parents.

An adoption attorney like us can help with:

  • Obligation to provide support
  • Rights to Custody
  • Rights to Visitation
  • Inheritance rights of the child and the adult

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Process of Adoption Home Study

All states have mandated that the adoptive parents participate in a pre-placement home study. This Home study is the time where you receive preparation for the adoption process. The degree of difficulty of the home study varies by the state. It will include a visit by a social worker to determine the safety and quality of your home.

The goal of a pre-placement home study is to make sure you can provide a safe environment for the child. If the child to be adopted has certain special needs, it can include special training to help you meet those needs. It can also involve a background investigation of you and your spouse, including a review of your income statements and personal references.

Not all Adoptions are Final

Although After an adoption, you technically become the legal the new legal parent of the child. This gives you solitary decision-making power over the child’s well-being. In certain rare occasions, however, an adoption may be voided, this is a Wrongful Adoption.

When the proper authorities sense fraud or coercion, the child’s biological parent may be able to retrieve custody of their child. For example, this happens if the child is abducted and then later falsely adopted. Custody of the child would revert to the biological parents even if you were unaware that the child has been taken illegally. Not to mention, certain states grant birth parents a preset window of time to reconsider their decision about the adoption.