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What Makes Our Law Firm Different

In a time where the field of law is dominated by mega-firms, The Smelyansky Law Firm offers our clients a level of service and personal attention only a small and nimble firm like ours can provide. At our firm we’re committed to not only providing outstanding representation and service, but also making every effort to understand your legal needs and get to know you as an individual, and not just another case.

Whether you have been charged with a crime, have been injured, or are in need of any type of legal counsel, The Smelyansky Law Firm is the firm for you. With convenient hours 7 days a week, we cater to you and your busy schedule. When it comes to our free consultations, we’ll even come to you.

At The Smelyansky Law Firm we provide counsel in a wide range of areas of law. We provide legal counsel in matters pertaining to personal injury, traffic law, criminal defense, and real estate law. We have a special interest in both traffic law and personal injury cases of all kinds including auto accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice and more.

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Pivotal to establishing a good lawyer-client relationship is finding the right lawyer. Lawyer-Client relationships take on as many shapes and colors as relationships between husbands and wives, but the best ones all have trust, honest communication and friendship in common.

The emotional component in any Lawyer-Client relationship makes it important to find a lawyer with whom you are comfortable. Ideally, there should be as much of a human relationship as there is a business relationship. Unfortunately, the profession of law has become less about the human and more about the business.

Friendship With Benefits In This Challenging Time

Years ago, lawyers practiced in small communities amongst family and friends. Lawyers and clients benefited from knowing one another. Naturally, a Lawyer-Client relationship began as a human relationship which allowed both parties, when necessary, to benefit from a business relationship. Clients were treated with respect. They received regular communication from their lawyers, they were shown empathy and compassion and, importantly, clients rarely felt undervalued or misunderstood. This was the way friends treated friends, and, the Lawyer-Client relationship was, for all intents and purposes, a friendship with benefits.

At The Smelyansky Law Firm, first and foremost, we offer you our friendship. Our sincere belief is that you may forget what we say and you may forget what we do but you will never forget how we make you feel. Of course, our friendship doesn’t mean we will play matchmaker, lend you money, or cheer on your kids at a sporting event. We are lawyers after all. We will, however, take advantage of every opportunity to interact with you and to learn about you. Moreover, we will keep our promises, return your phone calls, treat you with respect, preserve your privacy, send you copies of all pleadings and correspondence, charge you a fair price for our services, and produce results that fall within our range of predicted outcomes. This is the way friends treat friends. This is the way lawyers should treat clients. This is the way we will treat you.

After years of practicing law, we’ve discovered that success in our profession comes from both knowing the law inside out and understanding the needs of our clients. That is why we are continuously successful in what we do. We are a full service law firm capable of handling all your legal needs in New York & New Jersey. The most valuable thing you can do is contact us today for all of your legal concerns.

Albany Personal Injury Lawyers With Compassion

If you’re not just looking for any personal injury lawyer but are interested in finding a skilled and compassionate personal injury attorney in Albany, consider The Smelyansky Law Firm. We offer our clients a unparalleled level of client service wherein we never make you feel like just another injury case. While our practice is relatively new, we as lawyers are not new to practice, we have experience in the local courts that you need to get the outcome you’re looking for in your case. Call us today for a free personal injury case evaluation or fill out our personal injury questionnaire.

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